Pharmaceutical and Food Manufacturing Industries

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Pharmaceutical and Food Manufacturing Industries Pharmaceutical and Food Manufacturing Industries

Viron has many years experience in providing services and solutions for pharmaceuticals, health supplementary and food manufacturing industries.

In these industries, the design of the cleanrooms complies with the concept of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) which requires smooth and seamless finishing of every surface in the rooms. Corners or dead spots are eliminated by incorporating rounded coves. Viewing glass panels and doors must meet GMP guidelines.

The HVAC system is designed to meet specific requirements on room diffrential pressures, air changes, temperature and humidity, particles and microbial level.

Viron ensure compliance to international standard and local authority's requirements such as the European Union's Guide to Good Manufacturing Practice (EU GGMP) and Ministry Of Health Malaysia's National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (NPCB) or Biro Pengawalan Farmasiutikal Kabangsaan (BPFK)


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